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"Hope is oxygen to the soul.
I live to help others breathe again." 

-Dr. Brenda Caldwell-The Ambassador of Hope


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Brenda Caldwell, Ph.D.


Dr. Brenda Caldwell, the Ambassador of Hope fondly known as "Dr. B", is a transformational speaker, clinical therapist, author, minister and visionary artist known as The Paper Towel Artist®. A native of Memphis, TN she is a graduate of the University of Memphis and holds a masters and doctorate in Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. She is CEO/founder of Dr. B Empowerment Services. Prior to COVID, Dr. B hosted her own empowerment coaching segment on Memphis's NBC affiliate Bluff City Life show called "Living Free with Dr. B."  As an agent of hope, healing and inspiration, she is a highly gifted orator with a keen ability to connect equally with youth and adult audiences worldwide. Dr. B delivers unique and authentic messages through dynamic, engaging, humorous and experiential sessions for any setting. She has an uncanny style of lovingly provoking life altering changes in her audience, from high school students and college students on the brink of dropping out, to adults who have all but given up on their dreams. Dr. B's events BREATHE HOPE like no other because of her skillful method of penetrating hearts with electric words of life. As she often says, "Hope is oxygen to the soul, therefore, I live to help others breathe."


Dr. B's keen ability to understand the power of words began on the first day of school as a first grader when her teacher gave her an unforgettable harsh command, "Sit down dummy!" Dr. B remembers that shameful, spirit breaking moment like it was yesterday. "I remember feeling stunned, hurt and lifeless. Nearly every day of my first grade year I was called "dummy Caldwell." Consequently, having her spirit broken, Dr. B failed the first grade. However, her second time repeating first grade changed the trajectory of her life. Dr. B remembers her new teacher, Mrs. Pentecost, breathing life back into her wounded spirit with the unforgettable words, "Brenda, you are so smart! You can do anything!" With this encouragement, she began to excel in Ms. Pentecost's class academically and artistically, even winning a city-wide art contest that garnered her local news coverage, a plaque and a $100 savings bond. Thirty years later, "from dummy to doctorate", Dr. B earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and has since written two books, Surgery for the Soul: Healing for the Hurting Heart and From Charcoal to Diamond: Discover the Greatness in You. For over 25 years, she has devoted her life to being a "Mrs. Pentecost" to those of all ages and races from every walk of life in need of hope, motivation, encouragement and direction for their life. With every encounter, whether one-on-one, small groups or large masses, where there's Dr. B, there's HOPE! She has been sought out by schools, colleges, churches, prisons and other professional organizations across the country for her profound ability to speak on "matters of the heart" in a way that provokes transformation.


In 2011, nearly forty years after winning the art contest as a first grader, Dr. B rediscovered her artistic gift and has officially become The Paper Towel Artist®, creator of three-dimensional canvas sculptured art using paper towels as her medium. Each piece includes inspirational messages. Having been a consumer of Bounty® paper towels for many years, she has continued to use this brand to create what she calls "meaningful masterpieces." In fact, Dr. B believes she could be a spokesperson for the Bounty® brand because of her genuine love for its creative use to her as an artist. "I have no doubt there's anyone on the planet who loves Bounty® more than I do. Her vision is to impact the world by combining both gifts. In Dr. B's words, "I put hope on canvas and call it art and use the art of spoken words and call it hope.  From my mouth to my hands, I am all things HOPE."


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