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Watch this video to see a glimpse of the Surgery For The Soul Experience!

Surgery for the Soul Experience™: FeaturingThe Forgiveness Wall, Surgery for the SoulExperience is a highly impactful one-day experiential event that first teaches the principles of forgiveness and then engages participants in an unforgettable life altering therapeutic forgiveness"surgery" that frees the soul! Participants learn the "how to" principles of extending forgiveness as well as receiving forgiveness. This engaging, eye opening experience empowers individuals to receive a "new heart for a new start." Due to the increase of unhealed hurt throughout the world, Surgery for the Soul Experience™ remains in high demand!

In addition to booking Surgery for the Soul Experience™ for general audiences, Dr. Brenda Caldwell presents four customized Surgery for the Soul events to accommodate specific audience needs.

  • Surgery for the Soul Experience for Men™

  • Surgery for the Soul Experience for Women™

  • Surgery for the Soul Experience for Teens™

  • Surgery for the Soul Experience for Leaders™

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